Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm still here....

I have been out of it lately, family things, and medical things.... ugh enough about that.  I have a few projects to share.  I have really been getting into this jewelry making lately.  I have a few things to post that I've made recently.  This first one is the bracelet I have already
 posted.  I just added a few beads to it.  I went to a
bead show recently in Nashville, my fist ever.  I
found quite a few things that I liked, and got a few.
I really like the way it turned out.
The one above here is a necklace and earring set I made.  I did have the leaf on a chain by itself, but I like it better with these fall colored beads to compliment it.  The one below  is just another random pair I made.  I may gift those.


Friday, October 21, 2011

My bracelet

Tonight I made a bracelet by hand.  I wanted a charm bracelet to represent my family.  I still want to add to it, which I think is the beauty of a charm bracelet...  I have on here right now a little boy and girl, to represent my kids, 2 dog bones for my fur babies, and some hearts to represent my love for them all, I couldn't find one for my hubby, so I will have to add that one later.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A potential new hobby

So I have decided to try my hand at making jewelry.  I was checking out the clearance shelf in hobby lobby a few weeks ago and came across some charms and decided to look.  I ended up with a bunch of charms, of which I have only taken pictures of one.  I made these earrings and I thought they were neat looking.  I have posted them for sale on my local  yard sale site.  I thought about putting them on etsy, but I feel it's a little out of my league right now.  Maybe in the future.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More recent stuff...

Ok, so the one above I like a lot.  The pictures really inspired the rest this time, again this one is a major catch up.  About 3 years behind.  I guess the important part is that I'm doing it now.  :)  

The one to the right is for my daughters, my husband threw her up in the air, and she LOVED it!  I like the background because it gives it a breezy look.  And I like that it's all in black and white, I thought at first it would be too dark but I think it turned out ok.
 This last one is when we went putt putting??? lol sp
I actually put a pop dot under the course I made so it sticks up.  It's hard to tell but I used the lattice tool in the windmill on the blades, and when I peeled the blades up none of the pieces came out, but I liked it so I left it and I think it looks better than it would if I had popped them out.
I also added text to a picture in photoshop.

My recent work

So it's again been a long time since I've posted... I feel like I start every post like that.  Anyway we had a lot of family problems come up so I've been.... distracted.
So... I have recently done a few things This one is pretty self explanatory, it's for my daughters album.  I decided to do albums for my kids instead of a traditional baby book.  I got the imaginisce i-rock tool and this is the second project I made with it.  I made the butterfly on my PI.
I really should learn better how to use my camera, I hate the lighting on some of these photos.

Next I did a page for my sons book.  This is his first bath at the hospital.  My husband actually did it.  Talk about playing catch up, this was almost 4 years ago! aahh I'm terrible.  ; )

I also did this one my husband snapped this photo of the kids in her room playing.  I don't think she could even walk yet.  I used a poem I found online on the tag.  I don't usually have this much space left over, but I like this one.

 I absolutely love this one, with the bird.  I used a file from the pazzles craft room.  Actually the border is a file there too, I just multiplied it and welded it to make the border.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So a lot has happened lately... got a new puppy... soo adorable!  His name is Boomer.  Love him, he's such a sweetie!  A little bit ago I caught him sleeping on top of our other dog, a shepherd... never thought I'd see the day when Tango was still enough to let a puppy sleep on him... Anyway, of course they moved before I could get the camera.  On the subject of Tango, he had his 1 year birthday this week.  Happy Birthday Tango~

Well let's see what else... I had a period of time when I scrapped everyday!  I know... amazing!  Still not sure how I did that lol.  Anyway first my favorite!  I LOVE this page!  I actually inked up all the leaves myself, and dropped them on the page from about 12 inches above to have a realistic falling look.  I was so happy with how it turned out.  One of the leaves is actually hiding an unwanted person in the photo.  :D  Love the little tricks like that.  Plus, how cute is the squirrel.  He is made from a file from the pazzles craft room... thanks for that.
So this one was for the July challenge in the craft room.  We had to create an overlay, and I did this.  Not my favorite page ever, but cute.  I had it worked out a little better in my head.  :) 
So I have to ask... or comment... whatever.  I've been going through this period where I wonder if it's worth it to do this scrapbooking.  I sometimes get a little stink from people about how it's a bit pointless to sit there gluing cut pieces of paper together to put in a book no one ever looks at.  I ordinarily dismiss this as it is something I like to do, wether or not I'm all that good at it.  Occasionally though it does get to me... I find myself wondering why I do bother.  As they say, no one really ever looks at them.  I post images online, and get a few comments here and there, but I'm certainly no one to cause a big fuss over.  So that brings me to the question of when I'm long gone, will anyone care about my little projects?

Monday, June 20, 2011

My latest projects

So, I have been slacking in my scrapbooking for a while.  Only putting out about a page every two months... terrible I know.  Anyway, I have been trying to catch up with some old pictures I already had printed out.  This one is of my son, he got a police man playset for Christmas but he put the handcuffs on himself along with the guns and badge hence ...  "Smooth Criminal"  :)
Now this second one is from Halloween of '09... I told you, I've been slacking.

I drew the spiderweb in the corner with a opaque marker, and cut the one overlapping the picture by hand, along with the cloud.  The rest was done on my pazzles.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's photo..

So today was pretty uneventful.  I did manage to get most of the way through a scrapbook page, and I hate to say it took me ALL DAY.  I have yet to finish it, but after taking a break for a few hours I am back at my desk to see if fresh eyes can finish it up.  Anyway, as my husband and I were sitting here watching the news we noticed the dog... ah the dog... fly hunting...  one of his favorite pastimes.  He literally stood staring at the sofa for 5 minutes watching this fly go around and around the cushion, and when it got close to him, he snapped... and missed.  Then he proceeded to follow it around the room until he lost it.  So funny, anyway I snapped this photo on my phone when he went to see if it landed back on the couch.  I wish I had caught him before he snapped at it the first time...  :)  Good times.
Well until tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Really wanting to get things going....

So it's been a while since I've been on... seems like I start every post with that... well it's true.
I want, no... need to get my crafting under way.  I am behind about 2 years on my sons scrapbook and am not even done with my daughters 1st year and we're almost to a year and a half old now, so again not a good start to her book either.  I have been thinking about ways to get things going... I found a few things I am going to do....

First is the 365 day challenge.  I found it on a group post on cafe mom.  It basically consists of taking a photo every day, or every week... for me it translates in taking a photo every day (in theory) and scrapping them monthly for my scrapbooks.  I do a monthly one for my kids for their first year, but there's so much that happens after that that's worthy of being put in the book.  I think we as parents get lot in the importance of saving memories in the first year we forget about all the milestones that come after that.  Their hobbies, the changes in their personalities, and events.  Things we take for granted in the every day but are still special and important.  So, I am going to do this challenge, I started today in taking these photos a few minutes ago.  Granted the day has just begun here.  The first is the storms rolling in, we can just hear the sound of thunder in the distance.  My son riding his scooter around the fire pit on the patio, complaining because it's about to rain and ruin his playtime outside, him and I taking a quick shot of the two of us.  I love to take pictures with him... he still has his squishy little baby cheeks...  :)   I tried to take one of the dog with his stick but he wouldn't be still enough for my cell phone. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hoppy Mothers Day card

I haven't been making a whole lot lately, but I did put this mothers day card together.... late... lol.  Oh well, better late than never right?
Anyway here it is, it really has no relevene to my mom, she doesn't have a liking for frogs or anything.  It just came to me, I think it's cute though.  :) 

I am terrible at writing notes so I never include them in my picture. I havent decided what to write yet anyway.  I'll figure it out before I send it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

 This week has been crazy for me, my daughter just turned a year old, oh where does the time go.....I remember when she was just this little ball of a baby.  She fit in my husbands hand, and now she walks and has "diva" tantrums.
It's been a long time since I have posted any projects, I made this page a few weeks ago and forgot to post it.  It's the 1st month in my daughters scrapbook.
 I aboslutely love the butterfly.  I am getting muc better at doing girly pages.  ;) 
I have recently been busy doing butterflies for a dear friends wedding, I think it will be very pretty when they get it all put together.  I have barely touched the amount I'll have to make.  Thanks goodness my Pazzles machine is a trooper lol...  :)  Anyway... I also found a new tool I want, go figure.  It's the imaginisce irock tool.  I saw it in a magazine and watched a few youtube videos on it.  My local hobby lobby actually carries them, so maybe after next payday I'll be able to get it.  {crossing my fingers}  :)  Either way I think a little sparkle could really help my
  What girl doesn't want some sparkle lol. ;)
Well back to the buttereflies I go.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The scrapbox facebook page!

So I posted before about the scrapbox workbox being my dream... well they have a facebook page and they're doing a giveaway of a workbox!!!  aahhhhhh Oh if only, right...  well one of the ways to enter is to post on your blog about the scrapbox facebook page... I didn't include that in my earlier post about just the scrapbox, so here I am.  :)

Oh, what I could do with a scrapbox, I could finally make my room back into a room , and maybe even have access to my master bath if my desk didn't block it... lol...

Monday, March 14, 2011

My challenge entry on the Pazzles craft Room.

  They have started doing challenges so I decided to enter into one, it was very last minute but I like how it turned out.  The challenge, to make one of the pazzles past projects you haven't made before.  I decided to make the Easter purses, but with a twist.  My daughter is really too young to have the paper baskets, so I wanted to make one for my son.  I didn't want to do anything girly, so I used a dinosaur theme in it.  Took me the longest to figure out the paper I wanted to use.  :)
  I think on Easter I'll give it to him with an egg containing a dinosaur. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally back!

So, I have been down and out from surgery the past few weeks and haven't gotten to do much but the past few days I've really been in here trying to catch up on some of my kids books.  This is what I've done.
This first one is of my daughters second month, I do a page for each month for the first year, and then after that I do whatever.  :)  I like how this one turned out.
This second page was of her 4th month.  I created the boy in my PI, and the girl was a file I got from the craft room.  I like how he turned out.

This is one of my favorites, I made the ducky, and got the bath file from the craft room.  I love the paper, my hubby went and picked it out for me the other day, he said it shows how much he loves me since he was the only big soldier man in the isle looking at 12x12 packs of glittery paper lol....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My new early valentines present

So, my camera broke and I turned it in to get fixed but apparently it couldn't be fixed so they authorized me to get a new one.  Hubby went in to take care of it for me and got me the COOLEST camera I've ever had.  I've been eyeballing the SLR's for a while but haven't had luck in being able to afford one.  ANyway, he came home with the Canon Power shot SX30 IS and so far I love it.  Only been able to play a little so far as I just had surgery this week and still can't really move around a lot.  I did take a few photos of the dog and the kids, and boy what a difference.  He said it's my early valentines present.  He was going to make me wait but, even he can't wait that long, he wanted to play with it just as much as I did.
I am still pretty sore after surgery and so I haven't been on here crafting as much but I do have high hopes for the next few weeks, I can't really do anything else.  :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution

Well I've never really been one who believed in New Years Resolutions because I figure why wait till the new year.  The average person decides to change and sets a date to start.  It's rediculous, why would you wait instead of getting a jumpstart on things.  Especially the weight loss ones, why stuff your face and make it worse just because it's the holiday season when you could start the day you decide and lose starting then.  Even if you did it for every meal except Christmas dinner it still would be better than trying to take advantage of those last few weeks of eating whatever you want.
Anyway, off my soapbox.... I decided last night that I am going to change things.  I need to fix a lot, and start acting like I'm not just floating through life without any purpose other than making sure the kids are taken care of.  I have lost myself in housewifedom.  It's time to take a look at what I want to do with myself, and actually do some things to become what I want me to be.  It does involve losing weight, about 15 pounds.  I would be back to my pre pregnancy weight of 110.  I am going to get myself on an exercise routine and an eating schedule.  I am going to look into what I want to be when I "grow up" lol and maybe go to school. 
This is going to be great.  My plan is to become a runner... maybe... lol if I can.
I have a few other things too, too many to list.  But it's going to be great.  Starts NOW.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's already 2011!  Oh where does the time go?  well It's been busy around here and I'm late in posting my final projects of the year. 

I made this one for my daughters scrapbook.  It happened she was 3 months old in July, so I used the 4th of July theme on it.  I designed the bear in my Pazzles software, and welded the title.  I like how the bear turned out.

I made these other two pages for her book too, the first is the title page of her book, with her newborn photo and name.
This one is her 8 month page.  She loves her saucer and it's jungle themed so I thought I'd tie the page in with the pictures.  Not my favorite page ever but it'll do.  I feel like it's missing something.
Well, that's all I've done recently.  I am going to be doing some more hopefully soon, it's going to be a lot easier now that the holidays are over.  Thanks for reading.
Happy New Year!!!