Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's photo..

So today was pretty uneventful.  I did manage to get most of the way through a scrapbook page, and I hate to say it took me ALL DAY.  I have yet to finish it, but after taking a break for a few hours I am back at my desk to see if fresh eyes can finish it up.  Anyway, as my husband and I were sitting here watching the news we noticed the dog... ah the dog... fly hunting...  one of his favorite pastimes.  He literally stood staring at the sofa for 5 minutes watching this fly go around and around the cushion, and when it got close to him, he snapped... and missed.  Then he proceeded to follow it around the room until he lost it.  So funny, anyway I snapped this photo on my phone when he went to see if it landed back on the couch.  I wish I had caught him before he snapped at it the first time...  :)  Good times.
Well until tomorrow.

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