Saturday, July 23, 2011

So a lot has happened lately... got a new puppy... soo adorable!  His name is Boomer.  Love him, he's such a sweetie!  A little bit ago I caught him sleeping on top of our other dog, a shepherd... never thought I'd see the day when Tango was still enough to let a puppy sleep on him... Anyway, of course they moved before I could get the camera.  On the subject of Tango, he had his 1 year birthday this week.  Happy Birthday Tango~

Well let's see what else... I had a period of time when I scrapped everyday!  I know... amazing!  Still not sure how I did that lol.  Anyway first my favorite!  I LOVE this page!  I actually inked up all the leaves myself, and dropped them on the page from about 12 inches above to have a realistic falling look.  I was so happy with how it turned out.  One of the leaves is actually hiding an unwanted person in the photo.  :D  Love the little tricks like that.  Plus, how cute is the squirrel.  He is made from a file from the pazzles craft room... thanks for that.
So this one was for the July challenge in the craft room.  We had to create an overlay, and I did this.  Not my favorite page ever, but cute.  I had it worked out a little better in my head.  :) 
So I have to ask... or comment... whatever.  I've been going through this period where I wonder if it's worth it to do this scrapbooking.  I sometimes get a little stink from people about how it's a bit pointless to sit there gluing cut pieces of paper together to put in a book no one ever looks at.  I ordinarily dismiss this as it is something I like to do, wether or not I'm all that good at it.  Occasionally though it does get to me... I find myself wondering why I do bother.  As they say, no one really ever looks at them.  I post images online, and get a few comments here and there, but I'm certainly no one to cause a big fuss over.  So that brings me to the question of when I'm long gone, will anyone care about my little projects?