Saturday, November 13, 2010

My dream desk

It's the workbox!  Found it online, and oh what I would do to have this thing!  I want it so bad I can taste it.  I have my desk in my bedroom right now and we have to block the door to our bathroom to have it there.  Thank goodness theres another door to it from the hall or I'd have no desk at all.  This one packs up to be soo small and yet is so big when you open it up.  All I have to say is.... I WANT IT! lol
Only $1495

I havent made anything in the past few days but I did see a pretty neat technique on making glimmer mist ( which I also have never tried) and so I plan to do that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A card for Cecily

I made this card for my friend Cecily.  Her husband is leaving soon on Deployment and I wanted to make her something to let her know that she wont be alone and I'm here to help.  Support is so important in the Army, and good friends are hard to come by.  Most of my friends are people I've never met online in the pazzles craft room and here on my blog.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and make a card for her.  I actually like how it came out.
Is it strange that I want to be good at scrapbooking but I'm better at cards.... I hate that I'm better at soemthing I don't want to do as much.  I want to make cute pages, with really adorable embellishments and paper piecings and for some reason I just am not that great.  hmm...