Thursday, October 13, 2011

My recent work

So it's again been a long time since I've posted... I feel like I start every post like that.  Anyway we had a lot of family problems come up so I've been.... distracted.
So... I have recently done a few things This one is pretty self explanatory, it's for my daughters album.  I decided to do albums for my kids instead of a traditional baby book.  I got the imaginisce i-rock tool and this is the second project I made with it.  I made the butterfly on my PI.
I really should learn better how to use my camera, I hate the lighting on some of these photos.

Next I did a page for my sons book.  This is his first bath at the hospital.  My husband actually did it.  Talk about playing catch up, this was almost 4 years ago! aahh I'm terrible.  ; )

I also did this one my husband snapped this photo of the kids in her room playing.  I don't think she could even walk yet.  I used a poem I found online on the tag.  I don't usually have this much space left over, but I like this one.

 I absolutely love this one, with the bird.  I used a file from the pazzles craft room.  Actually the border is a file there too, I just multiplied it and welded it to make the border.

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