Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm pregnant!!

So, I just went to the doctor yesterday and found out I'm very pregnant. They said my hormone levels are very high, suggesting I am about 8 weeks along already! I kinda thought I was pregnant but I wasn't sure, we had already given up on me being able to get pregnant, and here we go! :)
I don't have my first appointment until September 18th, but I think I'm going to be a high risk pregnancy because of my vascular problems. I'm excited though, this is my second baby. I think it'll be more of a precaution to make me high risk than anything, the hospital here uses midwives instead of doctors. I need someone who knows what they're doing for my veins too...
Anyway, this pregnancy is soo different, I am always tired. Im ready for bed by the time I stand up from waking up in the morning! On that note, Im going back to sleep before my son wakes up! :) wish me luck lol

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