Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy life.....

So lately has been crazy, I have found out we are moving on base, which is very exciting for multiple reasons. We're going to be within walking distance of everything I'll need.
Also, I'm pregnant. Somewhere around 8-9 weeks now, very cool. I got to see an ultrasound the other day, and they were able to show me the little arm... :) I'm due April 24, 2010.
I also got some other news, not so good. Apparently I have a blood clot in a stent placed in my lower stomach. It's not big for right now, but its big enough that I'm on blood thinners, and asprin through my whole pregnancy and after. Scary stuff. I'm trying to not get too worked up over it as I can't do anything about it, nor can the doctors really since I'm pregnant. I have to get ultrasounds done once a month of my stent so they can moitor the clot. I'm assuming if it's still there when I deliver the baby they'll go in and do something about it then.
I haven't gotten any scrapping done at all, and I'm afraid I wont for a while, I have so much going on it's too much to stop and think about being creative... When we move on base, I don't even know where my desk will go, and if it'll fit. Bummer.
Anyway, well that's it for now.. I have appointment after appointment to make so I should get busy.

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