Monday, December 6, 2010

It's snowing!

There's nothing better than waking up in the morning all warm and snuggly, and opening the windows to see it snowing.  Big, white snowflakes falling from the sky, turning everything it lands on white.

It's about 25 degrees here right now, and I love it.  The cold crisp air, blowing snowflakes in my face.  :)  Heaven.
I told my son I'd take him outside to play in it here in just a little bit.  Right now we're sitting at the table by the window eeating blueberry waffles just watching the snow.  The husband just left for work, and said as he drives it looks like he's driving into a blizzard.    Reminds me of hen I was a kid living in Alaska.  I wish I could go back.  One day I will.  Snowball fights, sledding ad skiing.  We used to have snowball fights along the road we had t walk home from school.  We would hide under the pine trees where the snow fell and made a little space under the branches big enough for us to crawl in. We wuld pop out like groundhogs when the other kids would walk by and pelt them with snowballs.  Good times. 

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