Monday, May 25, 2009

I love chalk!!

I did my sons Easter page and I saw that it was missing something when I first cut it and peiced it together, it was sooo boring. I hadn't ever used chalk before so I went and got an awesome set and used it for the first time today.

This is what I made. I got the design from Klo.(Thanks!) and I gave it a shot. I I admit it's nowhere near as good as hers, but I think it looks ok. I did change a few things on the rest of the page though, I made some eggs out of my pictures, and made one for journaling along the grass at the bottom. I like it.....

I also tried wire.... I got some at the craft store, and I love it too.... although it's a lot harder than it looks to make things out of it, I'm having fun with it..... today I tried a butterfly.... lol needless to say, it didn't work. :)

Now I have to try to figure out what page to do next......

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