Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Shower layout

So, I guess I'm a bit late in making this page... my shower was in April lol...

Anyway, I am pretty excited about this page, I managed to get all my settings right on the first run in cutting the letters. I didn't have to redo it like usual. I actually am pretty excited because while making this I decided I wanted a different font on it, so I figured out how to download and use a font off the web. I got the files from the
craft room.
I found a pretty neat trick too to make the detail on the clothes without making the lines too dramatic. I didn't want to use pens so it wouldn't take away from the pictures any more than it already does. Anyway, I used the pic tool and drew the lines and then just chalked over the lines, and erased the chalk. It left just a tinge of color in the lines I made. I hope that makes sense.....

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