Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pazzles Craft Room....

So I decided to go ahead and give it a try and pay for the membership. I think I like it so far, although I've only had it one night. I think I would like to see a larger variety of pictures as some are the same things just a little different. I've come to the conclusion though that sometimes you never know what you might use something for, not everything makes sense when you have no use for it. I do like that they have a military section though as my hubby is in the Army. I'm excited to get my pazzles machine back out of the box and use it sometime this week. I should have time, our truck will be in the shop for almost 2 weeks!! SO I wont have anything else to do lol.. I have lots of ideas I'd like to try out, and a few things I want to learn. I want to try to make some Christmas cards this year... I've only ever made 2 cards before, and they were both pretty simple. I want to try a window card this time, maybe with an ornament hanging in it or something, we'll see.

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